Giving excellence,

Taking Pride

More than ever before, leading a business is about challenging convention and driving radical change.

Technology-driven disruption is sweeping through industries and economies. It’s likely that your business will operate very differently in the next decade. The Templand Group view technological evolution as more of opportunity than a threat. We’re not waiting to be disrupted. Are you?

The Templand Group’s mission is simple:

For our businesses to lead their industries by consistently exceeding customers’ expectations.

We’ll continue to:

  • provide best-of-breed telecom and electrical solutions and the highest quality service standards.
  • communicate with and learn from you, our partners and customers; always helping you meet the demands and requirements that your own industries require.
  • and keep on top of today’s and tomorrow’s technology – no matter how fast it moves – so you always have the most innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions available from a partner you trust.

The Templand Group’s core values of Giving Excellence, Taking Pride; Discipline; Quality; Innovation; and Transformation inform the responsive – and proactive – service to our customers. These values are supported by a flexible, entrepreneurial problem-solving approach.

And with agility, innovation, resilience, clarity of values and a plan for a more sustainable future, we’re ready for the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow. We’re building a group to lead and help you succeed in a radically changing world.

Contact The Templand Group: Access House, 41 Clun Street, Sheffield, S4 7JS.